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Six Pillars


The WEDC is full of women who are successful in their own rights. But they understand that they can go further with a powerful group of women behind them. Our members champion each other in a variety of ways like peer-to-peer mentorship, opportunities for organizational leadership, and positioning for external leadership.


Members of the WEDC value strong relationships. Likewise, connecting is an integral part of the organization’s platform. Our Connecting and Leadership Development committees host small group events and monthly luncheons intended to foster connections that power opportunity and growth.


The WEDC works to develop women into career and community leaders. Our monthly Leadership Development Luncheons provide an ongoing opportunity to hear from experts across a variety of disciplines. These luncheons are meant to inspire, encourage, and motivate members toward the next chapters in their personal and professional development.


WEDC members are “forever students” committed to ongoing professional, personal, and financial growth. Our leadership trainings and other events all present an opportunity for members to learn from industry experts and each other.


WEDC activities lead to helping our members thrive in leadership positions. Whether that means serving as a committee chair or co-chair, heading a special project, or serving on the organization’s board of directors in any number of capacities, our members get hands-on experience here that can help them lead anywhere.



The WEDC offers mentorship to new members that helps them become familiar with the organization, its committees, and other members. There is also the Milestones program which serves as a pipeline for emerging women leaders who are interested in WEDC membership.